Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Forest Girls

Sometimes I think I want to live in the forest. Wouldn't that be lovely?
There's no one but yourself to dress for out in the forest.
Mori means forest and to me this is the purest form of mori girl fashion. A girl who truly has the feeling of living in a forest. But how does someone 'feel' like they live in a forest?
This is based very much on choice of fabric and shape. A forest girl picks natural fabrics because she loves nature, but also because their natural strength. She doesn't have to be too delicate with her clothes. Similarly a girl from the forest would favor a cut that allows her to move without difficulty.

But she still has an eye for pretty things, so you will always find some lovely embellishment on a mori outfit. This most often comes in the form of natural volume and texture created by wearing layers of different fabric. 

I love the calm and relaxed feeling that goes along with mori fashion.

What do you think of mori?


  1. I love mori~ They make simple pieces look so elegant. *A*
    (It's Junjun from MAF, by the way).

  2. Such a nice surprise to find your blog! :) Followed ~


  3. Forests are cool, but I don't like being in them since I'm terrified of bugs >.<

  4. Hi! Thank you for your comment & your visit!! :D I love this blog of yours! I like moristyle! ;)Is your other blog 4 more privte use? Well, I follow both ;D

    Have a great evening!!


  5. Hi I love moristyle but its very difficult to use this style in my country because its really warm.

    I love you blog